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By it‟s natural and human features our country attracts attention. Despite hosting variety of economic activities, Turkey havent‟t succeeded determined level of livestock farming yet. By having the definition of „Insurance of Cultivation‟, livestock farming still far away from being self sufficient economic activity for Turkey with it‟s total number of animals, breed and productiveness. However, every single geographical parts of our country provide opportunity for different kind of livestock farming. Agricultural laws and legislations passed by parliament, unsufficient education level on the subject, exceed number of unmodern facilities, not having necessary health conditions for the livestocks at the facilities and unstaistfying marketing condutions can be counted as the reasons of not being on the targeted level of livestock activities. With its history that dates back a long time, our country holds origins of many different breed of animals. Many areas of our country determined as genetic centrals in order to achieve the goal of develop livestock activities. Unfortunately, results of many trials not only ended up with being below expectations but also gotten far away from being applicable. Using Black Pied Cow breed of Holstein race in application areas predominantly, would be important for both Pinarhisar county and for whole country. Although, considered as one of the underdeveloped district in Turkey in socioeconomic perspective, Pinarhisar also known as a place where the rural activites mainly take place. Economic problems that show themselves on the rural places cause rural poverty on the very same area. This rural poverty mainly based on not make use of the county‟s potential correctly. It‟s very important to determine the potential of livestock farming inside the current farming activity -which is the most important source of income of the county- in details and manifesting strategies to make use of this potential correctly. Hereby, rural areas of county can be earned back into the economy by sustainable livestock farming activities.


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