The aim of the work is the analysis of current business situation in which the apple producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are positioned with development and use of holistic marketing concept as a model for improving the competitiveness of apple producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The methodology, which is applied in this work, is a combined qualitative and quantitative research technique. The in-depth interview is used for qualitative research, and for quantitative research the analysis of the import, export, production, trade and the cash flow data, available from statistical agencies, were used. The results showed that the new, developing, apple production strategy is necessary in order to correspond to the business challenges of the 21st century. In the new model of developing, it is suggested that the holistic approach to marketing has the central role. Holistic marketing, with its elements, has a potential to improve competitiveness on the domestic market and to create conditions for stable development of the apple production in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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