Present study examined production practices of broiler farming in Gazipur district and analyzed productivity, profitability and variability in supply. For measuring productivity, stochastic moment based production function was estimated following Generalized Method of Moment Procedure. It was found that the variable inputs of production like chick, feed and electricity were positively contributing to output but age, education of producers, medicine and vaccine were negatively contributing to mean production of broiler. Age and education of producers, chick cost, medicine and vaccine found to reduce variability in production and positively contributing to sustainable broiler production. While feed cost and electricity were adversely affecting sustainability of broiler production. The total cost of broiler production of 100 birds was TK 5851.81 on cash cost basis and non-cash cost basis it was TK 5277.31. Largest proportion of total cost was spent for both day-old chicks and feed that constituted 35.89 and 33.70 per cent, respectively. The return of the broiler production was estimated TK 7248.80 per 100 birds. BCR on full and cash cost basis were 1.24 and 1.37, respectively. It was found that seasonal variability in supply, demand and prices of broiler exist. It was found that the broiler producers were severely affected by the downward swing of price fluctuation.


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