An attempt has been made to study the growth trend of area, production, yield and export of fre and dry fruits of Jammu and Kashmir State of India. The results had shown that the overall trend of tol fruits for area was 3.74 per cent, production 4.52 per cent, yield 1.21 per cent and export 4.32 per cei State's major fruits like apple, pear, cherry, walnut and almond had the overall growth of 3.363 per cei 4.294 per cent and 3.340 per cent for area, production and yield respectively. Marketing of fruits was tf most expensive one involving Rs. 8.12/kg followed by production cost with Rs. 5.72/kg and then by oth expenses with Rs. 3.38/kg. Almond was giving the highest returns with Rs. 77.55/kg. The Benefit Cc Ratio on an average was more than Rs3. Co-operative marketing was emerging as the importa marketing agency for marketing the fruits of the state. From 1993-94 to 2001-02, the overall growth r, of marketing the state's fresh fruits to different states of India was significantly negative (-0.363 per cer which compels the state to restructure its marketing base line in view of the present marketing challeng under WTO tie-ups.


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