NECC-63: Research Committee on Commodity Promotion

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Research on Effectiveness of Agricultural Commodity Promotion, April 9-10, 1985, Arlington, Virginia (26)
Economic Effects of Generic Promotion Programs for Agricultural Exports, February 22-23, 1990, Washington, D.C. (20)
Commodity Promotion Policy in a Global Economy, October 22-23, 1992, Arlingon, Virginia (25)
Promotion in the Marketing Mix: What Works, Where and Why, April 28-29, 1994, Toronto, Canada (17)
Economic Analysis of Meat Promotion, June 2-3, 1995, Denver, Colorado (18)
New Methodologies for Commodity Promotion Economics, October 5-6, 1995, Sacramento, California (11)
Agricultural Commodity Promotion Policies and Programs in the Global Agri-Food System, May 26-27, 1996, Cancun, Mexico (12)
Economic Evaluation of Commodity Promotion Programs in the Current Legal and Political Environment, October 7-8, 1996, Monterey, California (17)
Economic Analysis of Research and Promotion, March 21-22, 1997, New Orleans, Louisiana (10)