Regional Research Projects

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NCERA-210 (NCERA-194): Improving the management and effectiveness of cooperatively owned business organizations (65)
NCR-134/ NCCC-134 Applied Commodity Price Analysis, Forecasting, and Market Risk Management (888)
NC-117: Studies of the organization and control of the U.S. food system (225)
NC-1177 (formerly NC1014; NC207; NCT173; NC221; NCT194; NC161): Agricultural and Rural Finance Markets in Transition (355)
NC-181: Determinants of Farm Size and Structure (41)
NC-194 (formerly NCR-182): Organization and Performance of World Food Systems (75)
North Central Region Archives (142)
NE-165 Private Strategies, Public Policies, and Food System Performance (155)
NECC-63: Research Committee on Commodity Promotion (156)
Northeastern Region Archives (20)
S-180: Risk Management Strategies for Agricultural Production Firms: Perspectives and Research Issues (124)
S-232: Quantifying Long Run Agricultural Risks and Evaluating Farmer Responses to Risk (60)
S-278 (formerly S-216, S-165, S-119) Food Demand, Nutrition and Consumer Behavior (50)
Southern Association of Agriculture Experiment Station Directors (SAAESD) (104)
Southern Region Archives (45)
W-149: An Economic Evaluation of Managing Market Risks in Agriculture (26)
WERA-72 (formerly WCC-72): Western EducationExtension and Research Activities Committee on Agribusiness (34)
Western Region Archives (41)
Western Regional Coordinating Committee on Rangeland Economics: WCC-55 (11)