On the strength of investigation, the status quo of rural micro insurance of Hebei Province is introduced. The results show that it is characterized by the following features: rapid development;continuously increased experimental types and experimental areas; increasingly improved ability of serving the economic and social development; the combination of micro insurance and small loan has achieved success. Based on the efforts of analyzing the questionnaires, the following problems of the development of rural small loan are detected. For instance, the inadequate promotion on micro insurance; peasants’ weak awareness of insurance; unclear understanding of the functions of micro insurance;unitary marketing channel of micro insurance; complex reasons of peasants’ unwillingness to buy micro insurance and the service quality of insurance company should be improved. In view of these problems, countermeasures and suggestions are put forward, which include strengthening the promotion on micro insurance, improving peasants’ awareness of insurance; expanding the marketing channel and innovating operation mode; innovating the products of micro insurance and encouraging technological innovation; improving the quality of service and establishing the excellent image of insurance company; strengthening the support from government and assisting peasants to insure.


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