The idea of territory comprises a complex relationships net, its dynamics is understood by the geographical proximity, the rural agroindustry organization (AIR) and the way in which all of them are related with territory external actors. Despite the fact that between territory actors exist differences, collective action theory focuses on the actor´s capacity to group in order to reach common goals, and from these goals, manage their resources, creating opportunities and/or benefits for the group; the success or failure of collective action strategies depends on internal or external factors and it also depends on the context in terms of territory. The presence of trust and cooperation favors the structural collective action and may promote an increase in productivity, it also facilitates the insertion of the AIR into global markets. The characterization of the collective action in a territory is important to understand the dinamycs of collective action by means of the direct interaction with actors. The community Francisco Zarco is the analyzed territory in the present work, it gathers a group of agroindustries particularly successful in the production of cut flowers, which show clear differences in comparison to other communities in certain aspects such as availability of technology, access to markets and availability of resources such as water and government support. The objective of this work was to determine the characteristics of collective action. Results show that even the fact that the main association from this territory was born from the interest of their integrants to reach a specific common objective, its permanence has been motivated by government agencies seeking for communities where they can easily run their development support programs. Each member of the association perceives the benefits from being organized, such as an increase of the production by an increase of cultivated land, but certain competitive aspects such as species and market diversification have been banished.


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