This aim of the study was to comprehend the relation between the cooperatives’ negotiation strategies and the principle of intercooperation. Sixteen wine producing cooperatives in the State of Rio Grande do Sul were assessed, all members of the Wine Producer Cooperatives’ Federation (FECOVINHO). The data were obtained in a meeting of the Federation in which a representative of each cooperative was present. On that occasion, the survey was presented and its importance and goals were explained. Over 10 questionnaires were distributed in each cooperative, making a total of 176 potential respondents. The questionnaires’ final return was 62, corresponding to an answer percentage of 35.23%. The questionnaire was answered by members, executive members and professional executives. The main conclusions indicate the presence of all styles and behaviours, suggesting that the principles of inter-cooperation are not practiced by all. The results corroborate Kilmann & Thomas’ (1977) findings, who concluded that the styles of conflict management varied for two reasons: the nature of the situation and the individual tendency to use a certain style, regardless of the situation.


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