The aim of this study was developing a scale with which to measure farmers’ attitude towards complete ownership of farmland. The research started by identifying 50 different statements based on review of the empirical literature and information obtained from stakeholders and experts. Of these statements, 30 items were selected and ultimately only 12 consistent and reliable statements were retained for inclusion in a five point Likert type scale. The 12 statements’ scale was administered on 335 randomly selected sample farmers to measure their attitude towards complete ownership of farmland. The result shows that about 85% and 9% of the respondents were favoring and disfavoring complete ownership of farmland, respectively. Only 6% of the sample respondents were undecided in terms of their preference for the complete ownership of farmland. This detailed study together with strict follow-up of data collection from the sample respondents has been extremely useful in developing a relatively consistent tool to measure farmers’ attitude. Therefore, the 12- item five point Likert scale can be applicable in similar situations of Ethiopia in particular, and in developing countries in general.


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