The new tendencies of the fine wine global consumer market have challenged organizations to observe their resources more efficiently in order to better structure and organize their strategies towards greater competitiveness and sustainability. Based on the Competitiveness and Resource-Based View approach, together with a study of certain market patterns and tendencies, this work aimed to evaluate how certain categories of resources are being managed in an attempt to promote the competitiveness of the fine wines from São Joaquim, a recent and little studied producing region in Santa Catarina state. An exploratory-descriptive study was done to assist experts involved in the São Joaquim vitiviniculture sector. It was possible to observe that image conception and maintenance, valorization of local specificities, control of distribution channels and access to market information were considered very important to the sector, given that they mobilize different base resources in a unified manner. It is also important to emphasize that the experts pointed out organizational resources as essential in the consolidation of competitive advantages


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