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This study, in the light of transaction cost theory, has assessed the contractual relationships, eliciting the contracts in the Brazilian agribusiness. By using the transaction attributes in their main vectors of the features in which give the possibility to design the government structure of the lower cost. The contracts present a government structure, which when they are widely considered to represent a variety of agreement among the economic agents. On this system, the analysis to be developed is going to adopt a statistic multivariate method, which is going to assess nine contracts mostly consonant with the agribusiness (five contracts on sales, three on franchising and one on agriculture joint venture). These relationships facilitate to emphasize which are the main fears of the economic agents when they not only make contractual relationship among them but also what is/are the transaction attribute(s) implicit in the established contracts. As a result, it was also observed the purchase and sale contracts of sugar cane (two), franchising of beverages, concrete made products, language schools and agriculture joint venture which are more linked to the specific commodities. Purchase and sale contract of sugar cane (one), manioc and sugar cane (three) direct to a frequency. Purchase and sale contracts of soybean are inclined to be more uncertain.


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