The objective of this paper was to analyze, in terms of marketing strategy, the geographical indications (GIs) as a competitive differential in the wine market. The paper is based on research that targeted the wine consumers from the Distrito Federal (Federal District) with a high degree of involvement with the product. This research had an exploratory-descriptive nature and used self-administrated structured questionnaires. Marketing strategies, mainly market segmentation and positioning and consumers’ behavior, were its conceptual basis. The target group’s perceptions about several marketing factors which influence wine consumption, especially the geographical indications, were analyzed. According to the consumers, the GIs are a differentiating factor in this market and a relevant characteristic of the wines. Most of these consumers were willing to pay more for wines that have a GI. Finally, considering the niche market analyzed in this study, it was concluded that the GIs are a differentiating factor. Therefore, the producers, wineries and their respective regions that construct a market positioning based on geographical indications and on consumers with a high degree of involvement with the wine product as their target market can obtain positive commercial results.


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