The primary objective of supply chain management is to fulfill customer demands through the most efficient use of resources, including distribution capacity, inventory and labor. A variety of optimizing aspects of the supply chain include acts as a go-between with suppliers to reduce bottlenecks. The sales and operation planning is becoming a requirement for doing well supply chain implementation. There are many key opportunities for improving the export and competitive performances of the sector of certified food products and eco-products. Romania has great openings for promoting and developing the ecological agriculture due to an agricultural area of 14.8 million hectares and unpolluted soils. One of the major points is to confine and maintain a greater part from the nationwide element of value chain during the orientation of production and sales towards primary products. It is also required a better promotion of Romanian food products on external markets, as well as a more intensive niche marketing and consolidation of the existing ones. Another concern is to create a suitable manufacturing, processing and marketing system for food products, aimed to suit the needs of national and foreign markets. The development of the research area of activities related to food products and markets has to be also increased.


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