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Both private farms and corporations from the region were included in the two questionnaire surveys as part of an OTKA research [Investigating relations of farm size measurement and comparison on territorial as well as SGM basis, in the West-Transdanubian Region (T 048960)] carried out in our Institute about relations of farm size measurement in the West-Transdanubian Region. As part of the questionnaire survey we investigated – among other things – the main factors affecting land– and farm structure with entrepreneurial reaction-analysis, to define the possible region-specific characteristics. For both surveys the data basis of the county offices of MoARD has been used, including private farms operating on more than 1 hectare agricultural land (according to EU typology). Lots of factors were collected during the evaluation of bibliographical references which could influence – at different rates – the farm structure. The factors were systematized in order to carry out the primer analysis, asking the parties concerned for their opinion about the rate of influence. Although all of the factors could be concerned as relevant – according to the topic – however their large number and heterogeneity justified their reduction. Our study tries to present and – as far as it is possible – to rank those few defining factors, which could have the largest influence on the surveyed topic. The majority of these factors can be influenced with decisions; therefore the formation of a competitive farming structure in the Hungarian agricultural sector is mainly dependant on the priorities of (agricultural) policy.


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