Technological innovation and implementation of public policies must be inserted in production processes of cow's milk in Mexico in order to cover the demands of producers. In this sense, the study objective was to identify main critical factors and technology demands and public policy to improve the competitiveness of the milk agro-alimentary chain from cow's milk in the Hidalgo state. Through a forum with various actors in the chain were validated and prioritized 12 critical factors, likewise its causes were identified and subsequently their demands. Were identified 19 demands; 10 to technological area, 7 demands of political and 2 of knowledge. Through literature review was identify the available technology for the settlement of claims raised, we found a total of 286 titles mostly for the primary link. It was identified that much of the technology and knowledge demands can be covered by the available supply, while for the politics demands there is not information that might fill them. In conclusion, most be work on developing public policies based on what raised by those attending the forum, in to train to producers and in the process of technology transfer, to guarantee that the technology generated in the centers and research institutions and education reaches the agro-alimentary chain links from cow's milk in Hidalgo state.


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