Rural development is of great significance for the future of both the EU and Hungary. We must reduce migration, create new jobs and focus on sustainability and the principles and goals of environmental protection and nature conservation. For this reason, it is necessary to apply for EU project funding. EU priorities regarding rural development serve the creation of a ‘liveable countryside’. Rural development is connected to tourism that can help compensate for decreasing income from agriculture. Services related to hunting could achieve a significant role in the development of tourism as they can be harmonised with rural development and with rural and ecotourism. Hunting tourism and game management can be connected to several rural development goals, so it would be important to include them in applications for rural development project funding. Game management and hunting tourism could play a significant role in rural development as they are almost totally independent from geographical and other characteristics. Hunting tourism is only partly related to the present structure of tourism since the organisational tasks are carried out by hunting organisation agencies. Although the professional and organisational framework of hunting tourism is laid down, its marketing activities and quality standards should be improved. Hungarian hunting tourism plays a leading role in Europe. It is of special interest to all of us to protect and improve its position.


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