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The transgenic is a genetically modified organism or culture (OGM) that contains a gene that was artificially inserted, instead of having acquired naturally for pollination as they are for the conventional cultures. The “new agriculture “ based on this kind of products, points to a smaller degradation of the soils and of the environment, with reduction of the production costs and of the final prices for the consumer. Though your effects about the human health are still ignored and for that same reason, several restrictions to that type of food have been imposed. In that sense, this work sought to enlarge the discussion on that product type, discussing the possible environmental, economical and biological impacts of the transgenic use. The work is concluded discussing that this technology, with your potential of creating varieties of commercial cultures economically important, it is simply very valuable to be ignored. There is, however some concerns and valid subjects. For those subjects to be resolved with clarity, the decisions and analyses should be based in information with deep scientific rigor.


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