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The managerial strategy thematic has been the object of a growing concern and studies in the academic literature, however few studies have been observed about the enterprising strategies. Thus, the main objective of this study is to identify the main characteristics of the process of strategy formation in companies of the enterprising context, relating them with the conceptual premises of the Enterprising Strategy School, as presented by Mintzberg et al (2000), using a field verification in small load companies in the food sector, with head offices in the city of Fortaleza. For this exploratory-descriptive study, accomplished during 2003, the primary data were collected through semistructured interviews with entrepreneurs and managers of the companies and out of direct observation accomplished during visits to their head offices and respective points of sales. After the research, it was concluded that the premises of the Enterprising Strategy School were not identified, in their totality, in the studied companies. The adoption of academic initiatives for studies about the strategic content of the enterprising behavior would fare as a new reality in understanding the operation of small size organizations. With that perspective and aware of the importance of that theme for the economical development of our country, an opportunity is visualized for the accomplishment of new studies and academic researches.


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