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Student performance was compared for two sections of a freshman agribusiness class. Section 1 was taught using traditional lecture format, while Section 2 was taught using a hybrid format that included traditional lecture and the ability to replay lectures using a streaming video server (Apreso Classroom™). All video and supplemental materials were delivered through a standard course management system (Blackboard). Students enrolled in Section 2 had the ability to review all classroom lectures including faculty and student comments from class. Demographics were similar for both classes. The final class average for Sections 1 and 2 of the agribusiness course was 79.39 and 74.70, respectively. Initial observations indicate that having video lectures did not improve student performance. Survey results indicated that only 65 percent of students with access to the digital lectures actually accessed them. While some students in the survey instrument noted bandwidth issues, it appears that indifference was equally prevalent with regard to accessing archived classroom lectures.


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