This is the seventh in the series of the Centre's publications providing specific and wide-ranging data on coarse grains, pulses, roots and tuber (CGPRT) crops in the humid tropics of Asia and the Pacific. The crop sub-sector dominates the agricultural scenario in Bangladesh. The greater uniformity of the landmass, the fertile alluvial soil and the tropical monsoon climate provide excellent conditions for crop production. If other things remain unchanged, agriculture will continue to play the main role in the growth and stability of the economy of Bangladesh for many years to come. This volume covers time-series statistics of Bangladesh on seventeen CGPRT crops plus two major cereals (rice and wheat) reporting area, production and yield at both national and district levels. Other indicators include population, GDP, meteorological data, agricultural census, agricultural inputs, agricultural land-use, major commodity prices, food balance, food grain import and food grain distribution. A brief introductory text and simple analysis of key indicators are also presented along with general comments on the prospects of agriculture in Bangladesh. We hope that the datasets presented in this series will be useful to students, researchers, policy makers and those involved in formulation and implementation of research and development projects not only in Bangladesh but also in other countries.


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