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The patterns of consumption of food have been rapidly changing. This change has been reflecting in the increase of safer and more sustainable food consumption. Agricultural foods that are grown in Integrated Production (IP) also match the new consumer food quality patterns. In Brazil, the supply of IP certified products is still small. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the consumer perception and intention of purchasing certified beans based on the replication of the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). The survey was conducted in Goiania (GO), Brazil, in 2014, when 160 consumers of common beans were interviewed in a local hypermarket. Data were analyzed based on the structural equation modeling (SEM). The results revealed characteristics of consumer behavior when faced to certified beans as a hypothetical product, since they are not yet available on the market. The results indicated that the theoretical model based on the TPB used to explain the intention behavior of purchasing certified beans resulted in reasonable fit indices, but with only some of the relations among constructs were consistent with the theory. Thus, the results showed that the proposed model was adequate for explaining the consumer behavior towards the IP certified beans purchasing. As exceptions, one can refer the constructs subjective norms and perceived behavioral control toward the intention of purchasing.


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