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Entrepreneurs are individuals who combine production factors, aim to profit and take risks. Thanks to entrepreneurship, new goods and services are produced, employment is created and economic development can be achieved. Entrepreneurship is among the factors of production. The main task of the entrepreneur is bring together the factors of production and use them in production. The development of new business ideas and the establishment of new businesses are very important for economic development. For this reason, increasing the number of entrepreneurs and educating individuals about entrepreneurship are considered important in terms of contributing to economic development. In the past, while entrepreneurship activities were leading men, women's entrepreneurship activities have been carried out intensively in recent years. In order to achieve agricultural and rural development, women and men must participate in production and create added value. Entrepreneurship has important contributions to rural women including economic, social and cultural dimensions. Women entrepreneurship contributes to economic development by creating employment. Thanks to women's entrepreneurship women's income increases and women gain economic freedom. By means of entrepreneurship, women's self-confidence and participation in social life are increasing. The main purpose of this study is to determine the entrepreneurship status of women working in the agricultural sector. In the study, the advantages and disadvantages of the entrepreneurship activities in agriculture were examined and suggestions were made for the development of women's entrepreneurship in agriculture. In this context the survey was carried out with a face to face survey with a total of 110 female farmers living in the Besni district of Adıyaman province.


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