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Although there is no universally accepted definition of organic farming, most of the scientists focus on an economic, social, and environmentally sustainable agricultural production system that prohibits chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and livestock feed additives. Organic farming in a region must provide a sustainable livelihood for farmers, clean environment for all living organisms, and healthy food items at reasonable prices for consumers. The overall purpose of this studyis to examine the current state and potential developments of organic agriculture in Turkey. The paper first reviews the principles of organic agriculture, then gives information about the legislative process and developments of organic agriculture in Turkey. Specific objectives are to examine the legal structure, organic production, marketing of organic products, and strategies to develop organic agriculture in Turkey. Qualitative research methods were applied to accomplish the objectives of this study. For this reason, journal articles, books, websites, state statistics, and official reports were used for data collection. The basic outline of the paper organized considering the overall purpose and specific objectives of the study.


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