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Udupi jasmine cultivation plays an important role towards economic and social growth for the jasmine growing community-based enterprise of coastal Karnataka, India. It helps in promoting rural livelihoods, food security and poverty reduction. Due to the significant socio-economic impact of jasmine cultivation, the promotion and marketing of jasmine is inevitable for the sustenance of this community-based enterprise This study aims in developing an e-commerce framework for strategic marketing and promotion of Udupi jasmine. Study found that the benefits of e-business was nowhere applied in the existing system. As Udupi jasmine is a unique crop with a geographical indication tag (GI), regular agricultural framework cannot not be directly used. The research intents to persuade utilization of customized e-commerce framework for jasmine considering the existing crude system. This will reinforce the socio-economic growth of this communitybased enterprise as there will be a well-organized circulation of agricultural products on a larger scale.


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