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Within the framework of the project “Improved market engagement for sustainable upland production systems in the north-western highlands of Vietnam – AGB/2008/002”1 phase 2009-2-13; researcher teams from CASRAD have been undertaking research activities and interventions towards the plum value chain in Moc Chau. In order to identify appropriate interventions toward selected products, the following research phases were carried out: (1) a diagnotic phase to identify products and their value chains, (2) rapid analysis of the selected value chains, (3) consumer research and (4) trials on high quality marketing channels. The aim was to create more value for plum products starting from postharvest stages, (grading, transporting, packaging, selling) in which all actors of the chain fully participated, with a focus on delivering to the consumer Moc Chau plums of high quality. Furthermore, it was intended that value created from the improved plum value chain would be shared equitably amongst all actors. This would help to achieve the project’s objectives of improving market engagement for small scale households to reduce poverty in a sustainable manner. In addition, these research activities play a great role in developing a suitable methodology and practice in analyzing and improving value chains, especially for underdeveloped highland products.


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