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Based on a qualitative investigation comparing the ways in which Frenchand IsraeliBordinary^consumers view naturalness in food, this paper questions thechoices they make in terms of food supply and their relations to the food productionprocesses and the retail channels. The results of the study highlight that these repre-sentations, with the categorizations in which they are embodied, are strongly influencedby the context of life and the socio-cultural affiliations of these consumers. Thecomparison between the two countries allows to underline that the logics of categori-zation of the natural, and the related practices, are characterized by significant differ-ences due to food cultures and relations of trust or mistrust regarding the food chainsand industries. More broadly, the article demonstrates that investigating the conceptions that consumers have of naturalness is a relevant analyzer of their dietary decisions andtheir perceptions of food production and distribution systems.


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