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The newest global phenomenon – Tourism, requires wide range of new processes and features. In tourism those processes and features are manifested in all their complexity, whose phenomenon should be indentified and explained from different aspects. Toursim is one of the major factors of growth of the Global economy, the highest export industry, significant factor of foreignexchange intake and source of value-added underdeveloped regions. Tourism expansion in global scale is the consequence widely diffused liberalisation, which has been forcefully exposured on global tourism market, as macro and micro- enviroment due to economic, technologic, demographic, natural, political-legal and socio-cultural changes.Trend towards sustainable level of interaction between man and nature, nature and tourism, also man and toursim is the new paradigm of tourism development in global proportions, aimed to clients with more selective demands and demands for new destinations and products. New philosophy is directed towards researching the new strategies, toursim development in the sense of preservation and upgrading of natural enviroment, satisfying of increasing tourism needs and realization of economic effects. Ii is necessary to be informed about trends manifested on tourism market, perceptions of tourists which are the key factors in process of selection of certain destinations, recognizing and understanding of demand for tourism products related to competition, and creating such Tourist supply and product which will motivate tourists to buy them. Previos forementioned global tourism development trend is distinguished by global orientation of big companies in international business, their dynamic growth and development by expending business activities in those proportions. It has been estimated that ascending trend of these powerfull tendencies will continue in the future so it is important to consider and define their basic attributes, to examine experiences of other countries especially from the aspect of tourism development, as well as tendencies and trends which ought to be counted on in the future development of Serbian tourism.


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