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This paper analyzes the determinants of technology transfer from agricultural R&D projects to producers in Korea. The achievements of 1,742 projects funded by the Agricultural Research and Development Promotion Center (ARPC) are analyzed. A hurdle model is constructed and estimated to identify the variables that affect not only the probability of success in technology transfer but also the size of revenue from it. The characteristics of the researchers, research topics and funds are tested as the potential determinants. It is shown that several characteristic variables have opposite impacts on the probability of success and the amount of transfer revenue. It turns out that the researches implemented by firms are more likely to succeed in transferring technology and obtain more revenue than those implemented by public institutes or universities. The size of research has a positive impact on transfer revenue given that the developed technology is transferred. However, it does not affect the probability of technology transfer per se. We find that the type of technology intended to be developed affect mainly the probability of transfer not the size of transfer revenue.


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