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This study was to investigate farmers' participation in education and training programs and to identify the related variables. For the purpose, this study carried out a survey on 773 farmers. Survey results indicated farmers' education and training frequencies were a little polarized; old farmers' participation in education and training program were more uncommon than the younger; high-educated farmers participated more frequently than the low-educated; farmers who produce livestock, fruits, flowers, and vegetables took part more often than farmers who produce grains; farmers who began their farm without farmer parents background were more involved than succeeding farmers; farmers with low farming career were more active participators than farmers with high farming career; high-farming level farmers who were excellent in farming scale and management and production skills compared with average farmers attended more frequently than the mid and low; farmers joining in production-related organizations had more education and training experiences. Multiple regression showed that the most explainable variables to farmers' education and training participation was farmers' age. In addition, farming level, farmer organization activity, kind of commodity, and farming parents background explained the remaining variances of farmers' participation in education and training.


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