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The objectives of this study are to analyze the problems of disposal and collection, including administrative management, of pesticide container waste and to suggest effective management measurements. First of all, the low ratio of collection for optimal treatment of pesticide container waste is the critical problem. The major problems in the step of farmers' disposal are the negative discharging behavior, an illegal combustion and landfill of farmers. Additionally, an ambiguity of the management principle to pesticide container waste, the differences on a management method between regional governments, a lacks of education and extension etc. are the problems in administrative management step The major suggestion of this study are as follows : (1) to strengthen education and extension, (2) to adopt a improved economic incentive system and strong, lawful regulation simultaneously, (3) to build collection facilities. Finally, this study suggests the new effective management system of pesticide container waste which is characterized by "OTC(Optimal Treatment Conference)" composed farmers, regional cooperative, pesticide producers etc.


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