Water quality standards and a limited water supply have dramatically restricted the expansion of the U.S. trout industry. Faced with production restrictions, producers have turned to value-added products to strengthen the economic growth of the industry. In the near future, trout steaks could surface in retail outlets as a new revenue source for the mature trout industry. A telephone survey of consumers in Chicago and Los Angeles was conducted by the University of Idaho in the spring of 1997 to determine consumer preferences for trout steaks and, ultimately, to determine the viability of this product form. Using a probit analysis, fresh trout steaks were found to be more popular than frozen trout steaks. Consumers that exhibited significantly higher preference for fresh trout steaks were Hispanic, had high school education (or less), and/or believed that trout was less expensive than other meats. Chicago respondents and individuals with an urban background tended to display a higher preference toward frozen trout steaks.


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