Potential use of rhizobia as promoters of nodulation, growth and N uptake by lentil

Nodulation, growth, N content and its uptake by lentil grown on silt loam soil were examined during November 2006 to May 2007. Seeds were inoculategi with four rhizobial strains viz. strain-638, strain- 640, strain-2, mixed strains (Strain 638, 640 and 2) and sown in pots following completely randomized design with four replications. Urea @ 45 kg ha-1 and a control treatment were included to compare the effectiveness of the rhizobial strains. The results indicated that rhizobia significantly influenced most of the parameters studied except leaf area, pod number and dry matter weight. The highest value for all the parameters was recorded from plants inoculated with strain-638. A maximum to 77% increased nodulation over control was calculated from plants inoculated with the same strain. Different varieties had significant influence on all the parameters except leaf area. The highest value for most of the parameters was found in Binamasur-1 except plant height, nodule dry weight and stover N content which were obtained from Binamasur-3. Interaction effects of different rhizobial strains and varieties also showed significant variation only in stover N content and its uptake by lentil. Positive correlations were observed between dry matter weight, grain N content, nodule number and plant height. The overall results suggested that rhizobial strains can be used for producing higher yield without any nitrogenous fertilizer in lentil and Binamasur-1 can be cultivated inoculating with strain-638 for the maximum nodulation, N fixation and dry matter production.

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Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University, 05, 2
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