Perineal musculature in the Black Bengal goat

With the aim of preparing topographic descriptions and illustrations of the perineaj muscles of the black Bengal does, 12 adult animals were used. The animals were anaesthetized and bled to death by giving incision on the right common carotid artery. Whole vascular system was flashed with 0.85% physiological saline solution and then 10% formalin was injected through the same route for well preservation. After preservation, the muscles of the perineum were surgically isolated, transected and studied. It revealed that muscles of the pelvic diaphragm were M. levator ani and M. coccygeus. The M. levator ani was originated entirely from the sacrosciatic ligament and M. coccygeus from the medial side of the ischiatic spine and from the inside of the sacrotuberal ligament. M. levator ani was poorly developed and was blended with coccygeus for some distance at their insertion. Muscles of the urogenital diaphragm were M. urethralis, M. ischiourethralis and M. bulboglandularis. M. bulboglandularis was a small circular muscle which enclosed the major vestibular gland. Anal musculature of the perineum were M. sphincter ani externus, M. rectococcygeus and M. rectractor clitoridis. M. sphincter ani externus completely encircled the anus. Its fibers crossed ventral to the anus and continued into the opposite labium and the labium on the same side. M. rectococcygeus inserted on the ventral surface of the 5th and 6th caudal vertebrae. M. retractor clitoridis was originated from the 3rd and 4th caudal vertebrae. Urogenital musculature of the perineum were M: transverses perinei superficialis, M. constrictor vestibuli and M. constrictor vulvae. M. constrictor vestibuli covered the ventrolateral surface of the vestibule. M. constrictor vulvae was continuous, with external anal sphincter at the decussation. The overall findings of this work will be helpful for the veterinarians, veterinary students, teachers and research personnel in the relevant technical fields.

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