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Competitiveness of Firms in the Texas Food Processing Sector: A Profile, by Marie Wildenthal; Consumer Perceptions of Irradiated Food Attributes: The Continuing Account, by Danny E. Terry, Richard L. Tabor; Consumer Response to State-Oriented Fresh Produce Displays in Supermarkets, by John R. Brooker, David B. Eastwood; Measuring Consumer Willingness to Pay for Organic Produce: An Adaptive Conjoint Analysis, by Patrick J. Byrne, U.C. Toensmeyer, Carl L. German, Robert Wilson; A Conjoint Analysis of Consumer Preferences Toward Farm-Raised Seafood Products, by J.R. Bacon, C.K. Halbrendt, U.C. Toensmeyer; Evaluation of Harvest Criteria for Empire Apples: How Does It Affect Consumer Preference?, by James Provost, Kerry A. Cochran, James Ahern; Consumer Opinions Concerning Fresh Produce For Eastern Shore Counties, Maryland and Virginia, by H. Reed Muller, Patrick J. Byrne, Ulrich C. Toensmeyer; Evaluation of Consumer Buying Patterns of Fresh Produce and Meat Products in Delaware, by Patrick J. Byrne, J.R. Bacon, U.C. Toensmeyer; Retail Demand for Catfish and Crawfish in a Local Market, by Oral Capps, John Lambregts; Consumer Evaluations of New Juice from Seedless Table Grapes, by Carter Price, J.R. Morris


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