This report presents data on 1-day food and nutrient intakes of 9,620 individuals from the Nationwide Food Consumption Survey 1977-78 in the 48 conterminous States of the United States in the spring of 1977. Average food intakes of individuals in 22 sex-age groups are summarized in 10 major food groups and 43 subgroups. Average intakes of food groups and subgroups for all individuals and for users only of each food group and the percentage of indi­viduals using each food group are given. Also included are average intakes of energy and 14 nutrients, nutrient-to-calorie ratios, comparisons of intakes with the 1980 Recommended Dietary Allowances, nutrient contributions of major food groups, nutritive value of food eaten away from home, frequency and nutri­tive value of meals and snacks reported, certain characteristics of sample, and some comparisons with similar information collected in a 1965 survey. Data are presented in 75 tables with a summary of the main points.


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