Christophene (Sechium edule) was osmotically dehydrated to produce a candied product. The christophene was blanched in hot water for 5 min followed by steam blanching for 5 min and then subjected to osmotic dehydration in various sugar solutions prepared to 30°Brix and increased daily for 3 days to 45°Brix, 60°Brix and 70°Brix. Final drying was at 68°C for 4 hours. Preliminary results indicated that products from 100% sucrose had a dull appearance with a coat of sugar while products in 100% glucose/fructose were sticky. In further work, peeled and un-peeled christophene cubes were soaked in 75% sucrose with 25% glucose/ fructose and un-peeled christophene to 50% sucrose with 50% glucose/fructose and 25% sucrose with 75% glucose/fructose. A product from 75% sucrose with 25% glucose/fructose had the best overall acceptability (liked slightly to moderately), lowest moisture content (10.5-15.2%) and had low microbial count (< 10 cfu g -1) after 21 days of storage at 19±1°C.


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