The response of pumpkin, Cucurbita moschata (Duchesne) Poir, to four évapotranspiration replenishment treatments (25, 50, 75, and 100%) was studied at Lajas and Juana Diaz experiment station of the University of Puerto Rico. Pumpkin was planted on 1 March and 17 March, 2000 at Lajas and Juana Diaz, respectively. The experiment was arranged on a split plot, where the whole plot consisted of the évapotranspiration replenishment treatments (ERT) and subplots of drymatter and leaf area determination. Theoretical potential évapotranspiration (ETo) was estimated using the Pan A evaporation method. The average Kp values used were 0.63 and 0.66 for Juana Diaz and Lajas respectively. Pumpkin (var. Soler) average Kc value was 0.78. ERT did not affect significantly crop leaf area, drymatter, and yield at both locations. The lack of response to treatments was due to the high amount of off-season rainfall that occurred during the trial.


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