As signatories to the Convention of Biological Diversity, the Caribbean countries were charged with the responsibility to develop national biodiversity strategy and action plans. One of the activities required to implement the plan has to do with the establishment of a biodiversity database and a capacity building programme to offer identification and characterisation services - a key element in regional phytosanitary development undertaken by CARINET- The taxonomic network of the Caribbean Information is provided on the taxonomic capability of the Caribbean region and the CARINET programme of work including: (i) Capacity building; (ii) Rehabilitation of resources, (iii) establishment of information and communication services and (iv) The adaptation and development of user-friendly technology, which has been so designed to provide the taxonomic services required. Mention is made of the activities undertaken by CARINET that positively impact on regional phytosanitary development e.g. identification of insects, microorganisms, nematodes and weeds of plants quarantine importance e.g. Pink Hibiscus Mealybug, papaya mealybug, citrus blackfly, black sigatoka, diseases of bananas.


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