The aim of the study was to determine the demand for pot plants for interior decoration at various points of sale in Poznan. The results were based on questionnaires filled by clients of three retail sale points with pot plants: flower shop, horticultural centre and building material market in Poznan and its surroundings. Collected information was analysed for a frequency of purchases, amount of money spent on pot plants, place of purchases, occasions for which plant was bought, preferences of buyers and pattern of purchases. Customers purchase plants in various points of sale from 7 to 9 pot plants per year, mostly in horticultural centres and in spring. Plants are used for interior decoration and are cultivated for many years, however cut flowers are more often chosen for a gift than pot plants. Whereas a significant part of building material market customers cultivate flowers pot plants for a short time, and they buy pot plants for a gift as often as cut flowers. Among plants with flowers Phalaenopsis and Anthurium are selected most frequently, and Zamioculcas and Yucca among plants with decorative foliage. While choosing plants, buyers are guided by the overall appearance and price.


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