With large volumes of data available from LHC, it has become possible to study the multiplicity distributions for the various possible behaviours of the multiparticle production in collisions of relativistic heavy ion collisions, where a system of dense and hot partons has been created. In this context it is important and interesting as well to check how well the Monte Carlo generators can describe the properties or the behaviour of multiparticle production processes. One such possible behaviour is the self-similarity in the particle production, which can be studied with the intermittency studies and further with chaoticity/erraticity, in the heavy ion collisions. We analyse the behaviour of erraticity index in central Pb-Pb collisions at centre of mass energy of 2.76 TeV per nucleon using the AMPT monte carlo event generator, following the recent proposal by R.C. Hwa and C.B. Yang, concerning the local multiplicity fluctuation study as a signature of critical hadronization in heavy-ion collisions. We report the values of erraticity index for the two versions of the model with default settings and their dependence on the size of the phase space region. Results presented here may serve as a reference sample for the experimental data from heavy ion collisions at these energies.


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