This paper provides an evaluation of the performance of a sample of PGI bean producers in Greece, by means of technical and scale efficiency and a comparison between them on the basis of average efficiency, aggregate efficiency and the performance of the average production unit. Data were collected from 104 farms in 2012-2013, using a structured questionnaire, with face-to-face interviews, within the designated area of protected geographical indication. Results revealed that technical rather than scale inefficiency is the main source of productive inefficiency, with corresponding efficiency estimates of 0.837 and 0.949 respectively. Most farms (87%) operate in a sub-optimal scale and are less technically and scale efficient than farms working in a supra-optimal scale (6%).They are 14 technically efficient farms in the sample (13%) of which almost half are both technically and scale efficient. The systematic comparison of the performance of PGI bean farms provided four dominating farms appearing more often as peer-units, information that is valuable for performance improvement targets.


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