This paper conducts a comprehensive survey of the ground cover plant in Tibet's herb garden for the first time using "five-point sampling method". Survey results show that: (i) A total of 46 families, 95 genera, 119 species of ground cover plants in herb garden are applied in Tibet, and Asteraceae, Gramineae, Leguminosae, Labiatae, Iridaceae and Liliaceae are used most, with the species number of 22, 15, 8, 7, 6 and 5, respectively, accounting for 18.49%, 12.61%, 6.72%, 5.88%, 5.04% and 4.20% of the plants surveyed, respectively. (ii) In terms of importance value for the herbaceous layer, the top three plants are Poa pratensis L., Festuca arundinace and Lolium multiflorum Lamk., with the importance value of 45.950, 34.610 and 29.880, respectively; in terms of importance value for the non-turf ground cover herb plants, the top three plants are TrifoliumL., Cosmos bipinnata Cav. and Althaea rosea (Linn.) Cavan., with the importance value of 4.372, 3.437 and 2.062, respectively. (iii) The overall level of greening is low and uneven in the region, with large regional differences. In terms of ground cover plant abundance, Nyingchi>Lhasa>Shannan>Changdu>Xigaze>Ali>Nagqu.


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