The aim of this study was to assess the impact of quality catering services on the increase of consumers’ confidence. The survey data were collected among 200 inhabitants of the district town of the province of Silesia taking into account their gender, age and occupational status. The research tool was the authoring questionnaire. The scope of the research included the quality of catering services, including customer service, and the level of customer satisfaction and know why the use of catering services. The results indicate a close correlation between the quality of catering services (cleanliness of premises, interior design, appearance / hygiene service staff) and customers’ satisfaction. The majority of the respondents seldom use the food service and catering establishments; they choose affordable business premises, mostly fast food. Then, their attention is paid to their own tastes and prices, of the offered dishes. For the polled a very important criterion for choosing a place is the service staff of the establishment (manners, hygiene, appearance). The quality of catering services is very important for the customers, as it determines the choice of the catering facility and increases consumers’ loyalty in the institution.


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