The purpose of the work was to study the dependencies between the defrayed investment outlays in the pre-accession and following the accession period of Poland to the European Union and the changes in the land and farms production property’s resources. Moreover, applying the recourse methods, the impact of investment outlays on the property of farms in 2004-2011 was determined. From the conducted studies it results, that there occurs big differentiation of the studied farms from the point of view of the volume of investment outlays both before Poland’s accession to the EU, as well as following the year 2004. Following Poland’s accession to the EU, farmers invested more than three times as much. From the analysis of interrelations with the application of the recourse methods it results, that the volume of investment outlays has a crucial importance on the farm’s property. The level of explanation of property’s fluctuation through investment outlays and factors covariant with them is high and for the linear function amounts from 63.65% in 2004 up to 83.69% in 2011.


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