With Camellia sinensis (L.) O.Kuntze cv Fuding Dabaicha as the control, an experiment was conducted to study the adaptability of Yunnan tea cultivars Zijuan, Yunkang 10, Yunkang 14, Foxiang 3, Yuncha 1, Jinggu Dabaicha, Xueya 100, in Zhangzhou, south Fujian tea area, during 2012-2014. The results show that the tea cultivars (Yunkang 14, Foxiang 3, Jinggu Dabaicha) grow in general conditions; while the cultivars (Zijuan, Yunkang 10, Yuncha 1, Xueya 100) show good adaptability in south Fujian tea area, and they grow in good conditions, and they are as good as the control cultivar Fuding Dabaicha, in terms of bud leaf traits, resistance and chemical quality, etc. So these cultivars are suitable for cultivation in southern Fujian tea area.


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