The aim of the article was to evaluate the websites of online organic companies. The research hypothesis has assumed that not fewer that a half of the organic companies has websites, which might be assessed at least as good ones. The research was carried out in April 2014. From the group of 91 companies from the list placed on the website of Centre of Agricultural Advisory in Radom,, the Department in Brwinów, there were selected only those, whose website address was correct and working. In total, there has been the evaluation of the websites of 40 companies with the use of multicriterial scoring methodology. In the evaluation, there have been included the technical, visual, functionality, the website usability criteria as well as the criteria relating to online shops only. The examined companies were additionally described with their activity, legal form, and the share of organic products in the total company offer. It has been determined that the majority of organic companies have their websites made at a good level, what confirms the assumed research hypothesis and proves that the majority is adjusted to the challenges of modern market.


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