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One of the crucial areas of state engagement is education, including this at a higher level. Public expenditures on higher education in 2013 were on the level 13,2 mln PLN what constituted the 0,68% GDP. It’s essential to create stimulators of rational management of public funds. One of the best ways is to study the efficiency of functioning of the universities and their faculties. In the article it has been taken the discussion about the efficiency of public universities and the methods of her measurement, by focusing attention on the non-parametric method - Data Envelopment Analysis. A review of the relevant domestic and international literature was undertaken. The article presents the results of researches in the DEA efficiency ratio for forty six faculties representing life sciences. The analysis was conducted using the CCR model aimed at maximizing effects. The model featured the following variables: two inputs and three outputs. Eight faculties were found efficient, and the remaining thirty eight – inefficient. There is a need to continue researches with using alternative methods of measurement.


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