Tariff, trade and legal investigations data has been assembled in this paper by "master plan" fisheries in order to facilitate the udnerstanding and further work in the area of international trade and competitiveness in fishery products. The items in each fishery appear by the Tariff Schedule of U.S. numbers and (somewhat abbreviated) description. The three columns on rate of duty present the pre-Kennefy Round tariffs, the January 1970 tariffs, and the final concession stepf of the Kennedy Round which is scheduled to be put into effect in January 1972, respectively. For easy reference, the quantity and the value of the U.S. imports for 1968 are shown for each item. A historical synopsis of investigations for each "master plan" fishery follows the table of tariff and trade information. The current developments in the U.S. international trade polocy, the Kennefy Round negotiation and its impact on the U.S. fishing industry are briefly discussed in the preface.


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