The deficiencies that epitomize the weakness of the Bangladesh agricultural research system are: (i) Organizational difficulties; (ii) Lack of physical facilities and inadequate funding ; (iii) Low level skill and ineffective training ; (iv) Insufficient linkage between research, extension and farmers. Agricultural research has experienced uneven and isolated advance and its limited achievements are confined to cereals. Research on jute and sugarcane remains neglected. Low research intensity and priority bear the mark of ill-conceived policy framework. " For sustained agricultural productivity growth, the study suggests that agricultural research be made broadbased by: {i) intensifying research on varietal improvement of jute, rice, wheat and sugarcane for wide scale adaptability. (ii) extending the sphere of research activity to undertake research on end-use of jute, adaptation and indigenous development of mechanical and chemical innovation for effective realization of potential of biological innovations. This would involve reorganization of the research system, well-defined priorities and substantial investment on research.


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